Wyatt Sanders, CEO, Founder, and Inventor at Insite Renewables

Wyatt moved to Jacksonville from Palm Beach after graduating Suncoast Highschool to attend UNF for a degree in electrical engineering. In the course of his studies he became involved with campus life starting two clubs on campus, he then left to start Jacksonville’s first Makerspace called Jaxhax. He was then hired as a draftsman and Intern at Industrial Power Systems (IEM) and has since learned a great deal about the electrical manufacturing industry. In his private studies he had a moment of genius that lead to his development of Solar Shutters and later founding Insite Renewable Energy, LLC. At the time of writing this, he is currently a board member for Jaxhax, Inc. Part-time Student at UNF, and CEO and Inventor at Insite Renewable Energy, LLC.