The Guilty Spark

Some might be curious where the idea of our new Solar Window Shutters came from. Our founder, Wyatt Sanders, found himself on stroke of luck as he had moved into a new apartment and found the new Venetian blinds to be irritating. They would get tied up, and get stuck in various positions. He removed them, and being a solar energy enthusiast he put two solar panels in place to block the new source of heat in his room. He installed a small battery and charging system, and soon took over the living room windows of his two-bedroom apartment with solar panels. When asked by his friends what he could power off of them, it was tough to give a clear answer, but at the time, not much more than LCD or a Light for a day. In an attempt to add more power without skipping a few meals, he bought parts and manufactured two of his own solar panels. He eventually found himself with close to 300 watts of energy coming from his window solar panels, but thought that his solution may only work for him. No one wants Window Solar Panels unless you could use them and see through your windows as well. Nor would any one find them very useful if they were impossible to install. So he designed a final concept of a solar panel that would fit best for people in windows, while being affordable and simple to use. What came out was the Solar Window Shutter.