US Senate Voted 98-1 That Climate Change ‘Is Not A Hoax’

98 to 1

The US Senate voted this past week on whether Climate Change was a ‘Hoax.’ They voted nearly unanimously 98 to 1 that Climate Change was in fact very real. This comes after NASA released historical data detailing the rise of Earth’s average temperature at approx. One degree Celsius over the past 5 decades. Now that the Senate can agree that Climate Change is real, what will be more important to ask than the Senate’s recent vote are two things:

  1. What causes Climate Change? Is it caused by mankind, or some other entity?
  2. What will stop Climate Change? At the rate that the planet is heating up, will it even be possible to slow the momentum of the temperature rise?

Conclusions to these two questions may ultimately clear a path for sustainability, though they have both been at the forefront of a lot of political controversy.