Solar Window Shutters at One Spark

insite window solar panel

One spark is a first of its kind crowd funding festival being held in Jacksonville Florida,  Our hometown! It will be taking place April 17th through the 21st. The event invites any and all talent from inventors, artists, and designers to present their ideas to the public. Presenters have a chance at winning a portion of the crowd fund based on popular vote. Insite Renewables has been invited to present its Solar Window Shutters project. We will be hosted by 121 Atlantic on Forsyth St. for the duration of Onespark. Creators will also be given the chance to pitch their ideas to a crowd at one of two festival stages during the event. Wyatt is currently registered to speak at 1:45pm on Saturday the 20th at the Main Street Stage. Wish us luck, this will be our first time presenting our new solar panels to the public.