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Energy Efficiency Audits now Available

New Service Available

InSite Energy, LLC. is now pleased to offer energy efficiency audits to the North Florida area. This includes Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Atlantic Beach. All of our services include the cost of delivery and installation. Some upgrades such as LED lights can be installed including the cost of the light bulb for $5 each (with a minimum of 10 new LED’s). Our energy efficiency audits are comprehensive and free of charge. After walking through your home or office we will explain what energy efficiency upgrades, tax incentives and rebates may be available to you. We can then schedule installation of your new upgrades.

Why should you install Energy Efficiency upgrades?

Many people want to go solar, but they often forget that energy efficiency can play an important in making the transition. Every reduction by using energy efficiently can lead to as much as a 20% reduction in cost of a solar panels installation. Being energy efficient is inexpensive, it pays for itself and it can be a great first step towards going solar. All of our products are very affordable so get in touch with us today!

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