‘Energetic Bear’ malware targets US Power plants

As tensions continue to rise in the world, infrastructure continually gets targeted.

Energy is a vital resource, and a critical part of any infrastructure.

It’s no wonder why hackers are now targeting US power plants.

Except perhaps that this latest attack may have been conducted with the support from the Russian government amid recent regional conflicts, and UN sanctions against Russia.

Dragonfly bears the hallmarks of a state-sponsored operation, displaying a high degree of technical capability.  The group is well resourced, with a range of malware tools at its disposal and is capable of launching attacks through multiple attack vectors while compromising numerous third party websites in the process. Its main motive appears to be cyber espionage, with potential for sabotage a definite secondary capability.

‘Energetic Bear’ is not the first attack to target US infrastructure, several other malicious programs have tried doing similar things in the past.

This only stands as further proof that what’s needed is a decentralized grid, that’s energy efficient, independent, but collaborative.

Alternative energy sources like Solar, wind, and hydro stand at the forefront of a decentralized, and reliable power grid.