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Energy Efficiency Audits now Available

New Service Available InSite Energy, LLC. is now pleased to offer energy efficiency audits to the North Florida area. This includes Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Atlantic Beach. All of our services include the cost of delivery and installation. Some upgrades such as LED lights can be installed including the cost of the light bulb for $5 […]

We need 250 Votes for a chance at Winning $100,000

We could really use your help! We are competing in Chase Bank’s “Mission Mainstreet Grants” for a chance at winning $100,000 of grant funding. To put that in perspective, that’s enough money for a year of operation of our company, and enough to get us off the ground, and get our products approved for the […]

How do Grid Tied Solar Panels work?

When installing a system you should really decide between one of two methods: Grid-Tied, or Off-Grid. Off-Grid solar panel systems are an entirely bootstrapped system in that they are capable of carrying the full power load or consumption of a building without the help of any other supplemental system like the power grid. These may […]

Hawaii to be 100% powered by Renewables in 2040

In a recent mandate the beautiful island state in the pacific, Hawaii, has taken a bold step towards a brighter future. The state is proposing that by the year 2040 100% of all energy should be generated from renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, and thermal, all of which exist in great abundance in […]

US Gov. to cut 40% of all Carbon Emissions in 10 Years.

US Gov. to cut 40% of all Carbon Emissions in 10 Years. President Obama signed an executive order Thursday dictating the federal government will cut its greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent over the next decade from 2008 levels and increase the share of renewable energy in the federal government’s electricity supply to 30 percent during that same […]

We’re now 300 Strong!

We now have 300 Facebook friends! Thanks for liking us, and what we do! We’re very happy with all the progress we have made on prototypes, and we’re very excited for the production of our products. More over we’re very thankful for all of the support we’ve gotten on Facebook, and in Jacksonville.